Become a Published Author

Become a Published Author

Create a custom book

If you're interested in becoming a published author, consider customizing a book that's tailored to your needs. Builders Publishing Group will help you customize a book for homebuilders located in the Orlando, Maitland, Florida and beyond.

You'll have endless options to create a book that suits your style. You'll be a co-author with another builder to write a book that answers your customers' biggest questions about homebuilding. You can customize the:

  • Book cover
  • Text
  • Gallery

We'll set it up the way you want so it reflects your own interests and abilities as a homebuilder. Contact Builders Publishing Group today to learn more about book customization in Orlando, Maitland, Winter Park, Lockhart, Florida and beyond.

Customize the content in each section

You can add the content you want, or we'll add it for you. Builders Publishing Group will be there to discuss your needs while walking you through each step of the process. We'll give you all the templates you need for success.

Create a customized homebuilder book by contacting Builders Publishing Group today.