"It takes less than one sale to pay for the one-year license. This investment is a no-brainer."

-George Kiriakidi, Prime Building Group, Hartsville, PA

"This morning I received 1,000 copies of my book, and it looks great! I met a new customer this morning and they were impressed that I had a book. They said, 'You must be the expert around here.' It was their first visit to Richmond, VA. They asked me to sign the book. If we close the deal, the payback will be over five times my investment on the very first book a gave out."

-Mike Dumont, Dumont Classic Homes, Richmond, VA

The team at Builders Publishing Group exceeded my expectations. They made it easy every step of the way.

-Paul Rawlings, Rawlings Custom Homes, London, Ontario

I have been searching for an effective marketing tool for over 20 years. This marketing campaign centered on my book has been absolutely the best marketing tool I have used in my entire building career.

-David Konkol, President, Konkol Custom Homes & Remodeling, Orlando, FL